Faculty Publications

1 J.Saha,D.Bose,C.Chowdhury,"Machine Learning and Deep Learning Frameworks for IoT based Healthcare System-A comprehensive Survey",Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments,Springer,Sept 2020
2 J.Saha, S.Roy, T.Mandal, K.Purakait, C.Chowdhury,"Designing Data Validation Framework for Crowd-sourced Road Monitoring Applications",Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series B (IEIB),Springer, Sept 2020
3 J.Saha, A.Saha, " Multimodal Technologies in Human Behavior Analysis", Progress in Artificial Intelligence (PRAI), Springer, Nov 2020
4 J. Saha, C. Chowdhury, D. Bose, "Application of Learning Techniques in IoT Based Health Care System", Health and Technology, Springer, Nov 2020
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