The faculty are experienced researchers from the reputed institutes of India and abroad. ECE faculty has been sanctioned recently with 70+ Lakhs project by the SERB, Govt. of India and internal research grants. Research projects along with the Ph.D. students brings a rich research culture in the department. Following are the list of research centers which are constantly being improved to make it on par with world renowned universities.

5G Center:

  • Enhanced mobile broadband communication, Ultra reliable and low latency requirement, Massive machine to machine

AI Artificial intelligence Technology bulb icon - Download Free ...Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AIR):

  • Undergraduate courses focused on AI and Robotics
  • Mini-projects, prototypes, Robo competitions

  Signal Processing for Assistive Technologies:

  • Traditional filtering based approaches to modern machine learning algorithms
  • Assistive Technologies: ASR, TTS, VR/AR etc

Green Opto Nano Energy Lab:

  • CNT, Graphene, Photonics, Plasmonics, Meta, Nano - Structured materials.
  • Energy & Optical technologies - Solar Fuels, Solar Cells, Bio-Fuels, Fuel cells, Sensors, CO2 reduction, H2.

Internet of Things-Innovation Center:

  •  Build a smarter communication landscape for end users..Offers hands-on environments and real-world examples to learn business value of comprehensive enterprise IoT portfolio

  VLSI Education, Design and Innovation:

  • Time domain based advanced filtering techniques
  • CNTFET based terneray circuits