Dr. G Krishna Kumari Professor
Difference Methods,
Nanofluids, Heat and Mass Transfer.
Dr.G Madhava Rao, HOD Associate Professor
Fluid Dynamics, Bio-fluids
Fluid Dynamics, Bio-fluids
Dr. B. Sivaram Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Mardanpally Mallesh Assistant Professor
Finite Element Methods, Finite Difference
Heat and Mass Transfer.
Dr. M. A d i l a x m i Assistant Professor
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Dr.Prasad Enagandula Assistant Professor
Mathematical Modeling
Differential Equations
Dr.Shankar Rao.M Assistant Professor
Dr . R . Satyavathi.. Associate Professor
Synthesis of nanomaterials
Applications in the Bio-medical app
Dr . Chandrav a t i Assistant Professor
Weak measurememts, Interferometry
Polarimetry, Image Processing
Dr. Rakhi Bhattacharya Assistant Professor
Weak measurememts
Dr.Tanmoy Mondal Associate Professor
Nonadiabatic quantum dynamics on
coupled electronic states, Theoretical modeling
Dr. G . Saravanan Assistant Professor
Electrocatalysis and
Dr. Diksha D h a r Assistant Professor
Urban Visual Cultures
Post colonial Studies
Mrs. Diya Panjwani Assistant Professor
Various themes of Ruskin Bond's
fictional works are explored
M r s. T. R a j a n i . Assistant Professor
Reflective practice and development
of English language teachers- an analytical
Dr. Nazir Ahmad Mir Assistant Professor
English Language Teaching
Mrs. Nilanjana Debnath Assistant Professor
Twentieth century diasporic
Indian memoirs in English
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