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S.No Name of the Club About the Club
1 Aastha Club (Service) Social service in Rural areas.
2 Aarohana Club (Trekking) Improves the spirit of adventure and fearlessness
3 Abhinaya Club (Dramatics) Training in acting, Theatre of arts and personality Development.
4 Chitra & Chalana Chitra Club (Photography & Short film Making) Artistic view and message photos captioning.Short film making on social awareness and culture.
5 Lekhana Club (Literary) Improves the linguistic and language abilities
6 Maya Club (Animation) Enhance the Graphic capabilities
7 Narthana Club (Dance) Training student in traditional and western dance.
8 Prakruthi Club (Nature) Promoting Environment, Clean & green training.
9 Samskruthi Club (Ethics) Promoting & preserving Indian Culture and traditions.
10 Sodhana Club (Research) Enhance Research skills.
11 Swara Club (Music) Western music trainings, Instrumental training & mixing of songs.
12 Vachas Club (Speaking) Literary activities like debate, I.Q test, speeches etc..,
13 Varna Club (Painting) Drawing techniques usage of water colours, permanent colours wood, cloths training.
14 Vayana Club (Knitting & Embroidery) Training in embroidery, knitting and designing.
15 Yantrana (Technical) Enhance the innovation spirit.