Prof.K.Koteswara Rao Advisor
NAAC & Hyderabad Operations


Dr. R.V.R.Krishna Chalam Dean
Online Learning and Entrepreneurship
Director-Hyderabad Operations
Prof. L. Koteswara Rao Principal
Engineering College
Prof. Kunal Gaurav Principal
Business School
Dr. G Krishna Kumari Vice Principal
Data Science

Faculty Strength

100+ strong full-time faculty members with 60% of them having Ph.D. degrees and having a wide range of specialization, mentor and guide our students for their holistic development. KLEF Faculty fraternity is an amalgamation of academic excellence, industry expertise and research experience.

Dr. Chiranjeevi Manike Assoc. Professor &HOD
Data Mining
Information Retrieval
Dr. KVSN Rama Rao Professor
Cyber Security and Data Science
Bioacoustics, Security Mechanisms
Dr.Lalitha Surya Kumari Professor
Information security
Dr. K. Srinivas Professor
Cloud Computing
Dr. S. Balaji Professor
IOT, DIP, embedded systems.
Cyber security, Digital forensics
Dr.Anupriya, E Professor
Data Mining
Information Retrieval
Dr Hoshiyar Singh K Professor
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET)
Wireless Networks
Dr. K. V i n u t h n a Associate Professor
Bigdata Analytics
Internet of things(IOT)
D r . Gilla. R e k h a Associate Professor
Data Mining and Deep Learning
ML for Imbalance problems
DR. D. SRINIVAS RAO Associate Professor
Soft Computing Techniques
Machinery Noise Prediction
Dr. Mahesh Babu. A Associate Professor
Cloud integration with IOT and AI
Cloud Security
Dr.K.Ramasubramanian Associate Professor
Artificial intelligence, ML Role of
AI in emotion recognition for children
Dr .Barnali Gupta Banik Associate Professor
Information Security
Block chain Technology
D r . K . G . S U M A Associate Professor
Image Processing, Soft Computing,
Machine Learning
DrGayathri Edamadaka Associate Professor
Cyber Security
Computer networks
Dr. Mohammed Rafeeq Associate Professor
Distributed Computing
Load balancing and Virtualization
Dr. Ankur G o y a l Associate Professor
Computer Networks
Block chain Technology
Dr A n a l P a u l Assoc. Professor
Wireless cognitive radio networks
Energy harvesting Modelling
Dr. Teja Santosh Assoc. Professor
Linguistics Processing
Ontology Modeling
Dr SHAJAHAN B Assoc. Professor
Cyber Security
Computer Networks
Dr. M Saidi Reddy Associate Professor
Reconfigurable VMB for
Quick Link Failure Recovery In MANETs
Dr. Sushma Rani Dutta Associate Professor
Data Analysis
Machine learning algorithm
Dr ARPITA G U P T A Associate Professor
Transfer Learning, Computer Vision
Data Science
Dr. Mudassir Rafi Assistant Professor
Image Processing
Vision&Texture Processing,
Dr. Anoop Kumar Tiwari Assistant Professor
Data Mining, Computational
Intelligence, Bioinformatics
Mrs. Lingam Sunitha Assistant Professor
Data mining
Machine Learning
Mrs. Nandula Anuradha Assistant Professor
Natural Language Processing
Text analytics
Anitha Vemulapalli Assistant Professor
Internet of Things (IOT)
IOT Security
Mr P Ratna Kumar Assistant Professor
Software Engineering
Software Testing
Mr. Vanguri Mallaiah Assistant Professor
Cloud computing
Security Issues In Cloud Computing
Mrs. Sumitra Mallick Assistant Professor
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Mr. G. Madhukar Rao Assistant Professor
Big data visualization
Machine learning
Mrs. Girija Rani Suthoju Assistant Professor
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Mrs. Jyothsna Datti Assistant Professor
Computer Networks
Internet of things,Security
Mrs. Varalakshmi .K Assistant Professor
Big data visualization
Machine learning algorithm
Geeta Mahadeo A Assistant Professor
Internet of Things (IOT)
Precision Agriculture
Mrs.Tatineni Poojitha Assistant Professor
Block chain technology
Machine Learning
J Bheemeswara Sastry Assistant Professor
Computer Networks
Hyperledger Fabric Framework
Dilip Rajput Asst. Prof.
Data science
Information security
Asia Tasleem Asst Professor
Data mining
Software Engineering
Subhranginee Das Asst Professor
Soft computing
Artificial neural network
Soft computing
Artificial neural network
Sumalakshmi C H Assistant Professor
Digital Image Processing
B. Tirupathi Kumar Assistant Professor
Machine Learning
Dr.Sandeep Chitreddy Associate Professor, HOD
Spatial Audio Signal Processing,
Machine Learning, VR & AR Applications
Dr.P.Gangamohan Associate Professor
Digital Signal Processing
Speech Signal Processing
Dr L Koteswara Rao Principal
Signal and Image Processing
Feature extraction for Computer vision
Dr . M . G o u t h a m HOD
Time domain based advanced filtering techniques
CNTFET based ternary circuits
Dr . R a v i B o d a.. Associate Professor
Signal Processing and Image Processing
Medical Image analysis using ML
Dr. M. Bhanu Chandra Associate Professor
Solar Cells, Solar Fuels, Water Splitting,
CO2 - Reduction & Capture, Fuel Cells
Dr. Sudharsana Rao P Associate Professor
Control System, Model Order Reduction
Biomedical Systems, IoT.
Dr. Praveen Kumar P Associate Professor
AI for health care, Quantitative Phase Imaging
Biomedical signal processing.
Dr. Avinash S Vaidya Associate Professor
IoT, Biomedical Instrumentation
Array Signal Processing
Dr. M P Actlin Jeeva Assistant Professor
Digital Signal Processing
Speech Signal Processing
Dr. S . S a n j a y..... Assistant Professor
Semiconductor Nano-Structures
2D-Materials, Device Fabrication
Mr . K . V . Prashanth Assistant Professor
Antennas for Microwave comm. systems
UWB, Meta materials, RADOME, LTE, Fractal Antennas & Antenna arrays
Prof.K.Koteswara Rao Professor & Director
Economics and Finance
Dr. KUNAL GAURAV Principal
Marketing & Strategy
Dr . T . Kiran Kumar Associate Professor
Human Resources & Marketing
Dr. Ch. S h a n k a r Associate Professor
Finance & Business Analytics
Dr.Mulabagula Geeta Associate Professor
Dr.Krishna Sudheer A Associate Professor
HR and finance
Dr.Rakesh Kumar Patra Associate Professor
Dr.Khudsiya Zeeshan Assistant Professor
Dr MD Mushtaq Khan Assistant Professor
Dr. Ennala Deepa Assistant Professor
Dr . Ramulu Bhukya Assistant Professor
Marketing & Human Resources
Dr. B. Balanagalakshmi Assistant Professor
Dr. G Krishna Kumari Professor
Difference Methods,
Nanofluids, Heat and Mass Transfer.
Dr.G Madhava Rao, HOD Associate Professor
Fluid Dynamics, Bio-fluids
Fluid Dynamics, Bio-fluids
Dr. B. Sivaram Assoc. Prof.
Dr MardanpallyMallesh Assistant Professor
Finite Element Methods, Finite Difference
Heat and Mass Transfer.
Dr.V. M. K. Prasad Goura Assistant Professor
Numerical Analysis
Dr . R . Satyavathi.. Associate Professor
Synthesis of nanomaterials
Applications in the Bio-medical app
Dr . Chandrav a t i Assistant Professor
Weak measurememts, Interferometry
Polarimetry, Image Processing
Dr. Rakhi Bhattacharya Assistant Professor
Weak measurememts
Dr.Tanmoy Mondal Associate Professor
Nonadiabatic quantum dynamics on
coupled electronic states, Theoretical modeling
Dr. G . Saravanan Assistant Professor
Electrocatalysis and
Dr. N i l a M Panda Associate Professor
Cross Cultural Communication & Studies
Religiosity to Ideology : Santhal's
Dr. Diya Panjwani Assistant Professor
Various themes of Ruskin Bond's
fictional works are explored
Dr. Nilanjana Debnath Assistant Professor
Twentieth century diasporic
Indian memoirs in English
Dr .G K e e r t h a n a Assistant Professor
Cognitive study of semantics
spatial expressions
M r s. T. R a j a n i . Assistant Professor
Reflective practice and development
of English language teachers- an analytical
Dr Lakshmana Swamy Professor
Thermal Engineering & Heat Transfer
Internal Combustion Engines
Dr. Moon Banerjee Associate Professor
Design and Engineering
Materials Design
Dr. Bala Subramanyam Assistant Professor
Vehicle Structures
Design and Analysis
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