About Placements

KL University placement department implements the concept of Training has been implemented and proved successful. The Placement Cell is sincerely working to empower students with various qualities and skills to achieve professional and personal excellence. The Training & Placement Cell is playing a major role in transforming the students to the expectations of the industry. All the students are informed about the necessity of maintaining good academic scores and are motivated regularly to achieve the top rankings in the curriculum.

Training programs and industry related seminars are planned regularly and the students are exposed to these kinds of programs from the very first day they step into the college. These programs along with mock tests, have been made mandatory and evaluation procedures are followed which are in line with those required by the corporate world. They are being prepared to be the best individuals with logical and analytical skills and with excellent practical knowledge.

Objective of the Placement Program:

The main object of placement department is to bridge the gap between the industry and the academia by conducting necessary training sessions

Pre-placement Activities

We helps students in exploring placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus placements who are in their 3rd year of program and are likely to graduate.

The final placements are the result of very systematic interactions with the industry and continuous career counselling for the students.  Right from the beginning of the program students are continuously counselled with regard to their career aspirations and options which in turn is vigorously followed up with the potential companies for participating in the placement program.  This not only helps the students in getting their Super Dream & Dream jobs but also assists the recruiters in identifying the right candidates.  The Phase wise activities are


  • Parameters of competency / competency segments.
  • Concept of Total personality development.
  • Bridging gaps between company industry and academia


  • Developing verbal & non-verbal communication skills.
  • Developing self-esteem & confidence building skills.
  • Developing aptitude, analytical, logical skills
  • Developing technical skills
  • Developing emotional intelligence & interpersonal skills.
  • Managerial & leadership skills.


  • Development of positive attitude.
  • Development of meaningful perceptions.
  • Value additions for self & the organizations. Invent your own superlatives.
  • Overcoming inferiority & superiority syndromes & hesitant approaches.
  • Tips for conducting well in-group interactive sessions.
  • Importance of Successful counseling & mentoring for professionals. Motivational & moral Boosting measures


  • Mock / simulated exercises
  • Company specific training
  • Online and Offline assessments


Professionals from various industries visit the Institute and interact with students on regular basis and guide them in accordance with the industry norm and standards.

Industry Collaborations

  • MOU with CISCO systems USA to Promote Training and Placements with Global Certification in Networking.
  • MOU with AMAZON  to Promote  Training and Placements with Global Certification in AI ,ML ,cloud and cloud security.
  • MOU with PALOALTO  to Promote  Training and Placements with Global Certification in cyber security.
  • MOU with CELONIS   to Promote  Training and Placements with Global Certification in data warehousing and mining.
  • MOU with blueprisim University   to Promote  Training and Placements with Global Certification in Robotics Automation.
  • MOU with MICROCHIP  to Promote  Training and Placements with Global Certification in PCB design.
  • Cognizant Digital Nurture Program and campus placements.
  • MOU with Being Zero for training in Coding.
  • MOU with VQR for training in Verbal, Quants and Reasoning.
  • MOU with Co-cubes for conducting online assessment and placements.



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