KL Deemed to be University, one of the country’s top ranking educational institutions promotes international standards in education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The University has been closely working with partners from the top-notch industries, companies and academia both at national and international levels, to promote global industry-oriented research projects and provide placement opportunities to students worldwide. The University has world-class the state-of-the-art campus facilities with unique libraries, laboratories, innovation centres and sports facilities. In its pursuit for attaining the world-class university standards, KL Deemed to be University has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with more than 170 international institutions across the globe. KL University has been building strong partnerships and collaborating with the top-notch leading global universities and institutes in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, Canada, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and South America for joint educational initiatives, research collaboration, internship programs, study tours, international conferences and guest lecture series to bring the best global academic practices to students. In line with our mission of creating international opportunities for students, KL University launched Semester Abroad Programme which aims to encourage students from all streams to pursue their final semester in one of the international partner universities abroad. KL University also offers an International Transfer Programme (ITP) for engineering streams where the students can opt for studying at a partner university after completing their 2 years of bachelor’s degree in KLH.




K L University offers choice for the student to schedule his own timetable by selecting courses and their level along with teachers as per their interest.


A student can choose to pursue a specialization along with regular program, by carefully selecting a set of courses from a particular stream within the discipline.
Ex: B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Mechatronics and Robotics or MBA with Marketing & HRM or Finance or Technology Management.


A student maintaining good CGPA can acquire B.Tech Degree with Honours by pursuing 5 additional depth level courses, along with regular B.Tech programme.


A student can pursue a minor degree in a discipline other than his regular discipline by pursuing 5 additional courses from another discipline along with regular programme.


A student maintaining good CGPA can register for more number of courses than normally prescribed by the university during the regular semester by overloading themselves to earn a Minor degree or Honours, degree.


On completion of first year, a student can avail the option of branch (discipline) change to choose a branch of choice. This option will be offered strictly on the basis of merit and availability of seats


Credit Transfer from another university is permitted for undergraduate programs; however a student has to spend at least 50% of the minimum course duration period at K L University


A student maintaining good CGPA can opt to pursue certain courses through Online based MOOCs platforms by self-learning mode. This enables the students to gain extra credits or to utilize time to pursue projects or other co-curricular activities of interest.


K L university implements Outcome based education (OBE) - a student-centered instruction model that focuses on measuring student performance through outcomes. Outcomes include knowledge, skills and attitudes. In the OBE model, the required knowledge and skill sets for a particular programme are predetermined and the students are evaluated for all the required parameters (Outcomes) during the progression of the programme.