Research is the place where minds work insightfully exerting all their Acquired Knowledge and Skills to attain a Desired Goal in their corresponding fields of study. Hence, a great emphasis is laid down on Research and Development (R & D) in K L E F.

Academic Research

In lifting up the spirits of students with an urge to promote their studies, our focus is primarily on academic research programs in all the departments that lead to the award of Ph.D degree both for part time and full time scholars. Quality research output is ensured through regular monitoring of the works done by the researchers.

   Ph.D. Rules and Regulations
  R&D Policies
   Faculty Research Areas
  Sponsored Projects

Industry Research

Smart projects are one of the most advent initiatives of K L Deemed To Be University to foster its students explore the real-time scenarios and come up with Resolutions that benefit society. SMART objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-related. It means that you students have to prepare themselves for in-depth research about the issue they want to precisely address.


Research Funding

Funding in K L E F for Research is ahead of its competitors in allocating necessary funds worth 30 Crore + worth for Research Projects. Adding to this,1,80,000 Sq. feet of laboratory space in various Departments along with 96 Highend Labs and Research centres are leveraged to encourage students in R&D.