Research Areas

S.No Emp.ID Faculty Name Dept Designation Broad Area of Research Specific area of Research
 1 5159 Dr. KVSN Rama Rao CSE Professor Machine learning, Cyber Security and Data Science Bioacoustics, Security Mechanisms
 2 6092 Dr. P Lalitha Surya Kumari CSE Professor Security Information security
 3 6254 Dr.K.Srinivas CSE Professor  Computer Networks MANETS
Cloud Computing
 4 4894 Dr K Vinuthna CSE Associate Professor DATA MINING and IOT (1) Frequent Item set Mining.(Coverage Patterns)
(2) Deep Learning Concepts – Security Issues in Fog computing
(3) IOT Based E-Healthcare System
 5 4896 Dr.Rekha CSE Associate Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining and Deep Learning Machine Learning for Imbalance problems
 6 5550 Dr D.S.Rao CSE Associate Professor Soft Computing Techniques Noise Pollution, Machinery Noise Prediction, Soft Computing Techniques
 7 5662 Dr.Pranayanath Reddy CSE Associate Professor Cloud computing, software engineering Security aspects of cloud, Testing and process life cycles
 8 5826 Dr.M.Saidireddy CSE Assistant Professor Networks An Efficient Reconfigurable Virtual
Multicast Backbone For Quick Link Failure
Recovery In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
 9 5896 Dr L Venkateswarlu CSE Associate Professor Image Processing, Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence Digital Watermarking, VR and AI
 10 5937 Dr. Mahesh Babu. A CSE Associate Professor Cloud integration with IOT and AI Cloud Security
 11 6215 Dr K. Ramasubramanian CSE Associate Professor Artificial intelligence, Machine learning Role of AI in emotion recognition for children with Autism spectrum disorder
 12 5903 Dr. Barnali Gupta Banik CSE Associate Professor Information Security Digital Security ,
Digital Forensics
Information Security
Network Security
Block chain Technology
Social Network Security
Cyber Security
Intrusion Detection System
 13 5569 N Anuradha CSE Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing Text analytics
 14 5570 Geeta Mahadeo Ambildhuke CSE Assistant Professor IOT Precision Agriculture
 15 5571 Anitha Vemulapalli CSE Assistant Professor Internet of Things (IOT) IOT Security
 16 5714 Lingam Sunitha CSE Assistant Professor DATAMINING MACHINE LEARNING
 17 5902 Sumitra Mallick CSE Assistant Professor artificial intelligence artificial intelligence
 18 5936 Girija Rani Suthoju CSE Assistant Professor Security Cryptography and network security
 19 5941 Anil Kumar B CSE Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Networking Machine Learning, Block chain
 20 5958 D JYOTHSNA CSE Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence Genetics
 21 5960 T.poojitha CSE Assistant Professor Block chain technology, machine learning Block chain technoly
 22 5993 P Ratna Kumar CSE Assistant Professor Software Engineering Software Testing
 23 6010 Sushama Rani Dutta CSE Assistant Professor Data Analysis Data Analysis through machine learning algorithm
 24 6022 Megha CSE Associate Professor Artificial intelligence, Expert systens Expert systems, Rule-based system, Knowledge representation, knowledge-based systems, ontologies
 25 6042 Mudassir Rafi CSE Assistant Professor Image Processing and Computer Vision Texture Processing, Analysis, Synthesis and Application
 26 6198 Bhargavi Mopuru CSE Assistant Professor Computer Networks, internet of things Security
 27 6239 V Mallaiah CSE Assistant Professor cloud computing Security Issues In Cloud Computing
 28 6255 G Madhukar Rao CSE Assistant Professor Big data Analytics Big data visualization using Machine learning techniques