Sponsored Projects

S No Name of the Faculty (PI) Department Year Title Funding agency Reference Status Budget Approved
1 Dr. Chandravati Physics 2018 Study of Spin orbit interaction
of light beam using electro-optic
and photorefractive materials for optical applications.
TARE SERB TAR/2018/000552 On Going 18 Lakhs
2 Dr.Rakhi Bhattacharya Physics 2018 Photonic Crystal Fibers for
generation and manipulation of
beams carrying orbital angular
momentum and Vector beams
DST-YSS YSS/2015/001631 On Going 35 Lakhs
3 Dr. Chandravati and Dr.Rakhi Bhattacharya Physics 2018 Photnics Research Lab KLEF KLH/2018/RD/SFR/IF/01 Completed 10 Lakhs
4 Dr. Saravanan and Dr. T Mondal Chemistry 2018 Chemistry Research Lab KLEF KLH/2018/RD/SFR/IF/02 Completed 5 Lakhs
4 Dr. Bhanu Chandra and Dr. Abhishek Shrivastava ECE 2019 Development of Nanofoam
based plasmonic structures
towards photo-electric-chemical
water splitting and CO2
SERB-CRG CRG/2019/005985 On Going 43 Lakhs
5 Dr. Sathyavathi Physics 2019 Mapping of the trance element
Aluminum in human body fluid by using PIXE technique and its linkage to Alzhiemer desease
UGC UGC/DAE/CSR/KC/CRS/19/TE01/075 On Going 25 Lakhs
6 Dr. Sandeep and Dr. Jeeva ECE 2019 On the plausible reproduction and evaluation of 360 degree audio-visual content through virtual reality setup in an object based spatial audio framework for remote surveillance and distance learning application KLEF KLEF/2019/IF/SEP/003 On Going 6 Lakhs
7 Dr. Niraj  Kumar and Dr. Sanjay ECE 2019 Continuous H-generation system for PEM fuel cell using catalytic decomposition of hydrogen hydrazine KLEF KLEF/2019/IF/SEP/002 On Going 3 Lakhs
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