Board of Studies (BOS)

Board of Studies (BOS)

All departments in the University have the same structure of BOS for both UG and PG programs. University has constituted the BOS as per the rules and regulations of the UGC. The composition of BOS is as follows:

  1. HOD as chair person
  2. All Professors of the Department
  3. Two Associate Professors of the Department
  4. Two Assistant Professors of the Department
  5. Not more than 2 persons to be co-opted for their expert knowledge including those belonging to the profession or Industry concerned.

The BOS considers the feedback received from stakeholders who include students, parents, alumni, industry experts, academic peers and faculty and deliberates on the same to recommend to the Academic Council, the kind of changes that will be brought into curriculum related to various programs. The BOS ensured that overall academic and research system as conceived by the University is properly built into the curriculum related to various programs offered by the University. The BOS keeps track of the emerging trends and latest industry requirement, the global changes taking place in relation to the innovativeness etc. and bring in the necessary changes into curriculum so that the curriculum is up to date addressing all current requirements.

Following is the working method adapted by BOS

  1. Seeks feedback from all the stakeholders (students, parents, alumni, industry experts, academic peers, community persons
  2. Discusses the feedback by the Departmental curriculum Committee
  3. Makes change request and develops agenda items
  4. Discusses the changes required in BOS
  5. Makes recommendations to the academic council
  6. Makes the approved changes and come out of view version of curriculum and bring the necessary changes for implementing the curriculum