Dr. G Krishna Kumari Professor
Difference Methods,
Nanofluids, Heat and Mass Transfer.
Dr.G Madhava Rao Associate Professor
Fluid Dynamics, Bio-fluids
Fluid Dynamics, Bio-fluids
Dr. M. A d i l a x m i Assistant Professor
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Dr.Prasad Enagandula Assistant Professor
Mathematical Modeling
Differential Equations
Dr. M P M a ll esh Assistant Professor
Finite Element Methods, Finite Difference
Heat and Mass Transfer.
Dr. G Venkata Suman Assistant Professor
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Boundary layer flows
Dr.B. Chandra Shekar Assistant Professor
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Bioconvection and heat transfer in nanofluid flow
Dr . R.Satyavathi.. Associate Professor
Synthesis of nanomaterials
Applications in the Bio-medical app
Dr.Satya Tripathy Assistant Professor
Condensed-matter Physics
Glass Transition & Multiferroics
Dr. Chandravati Assistant Professor
Weak measurememts, Interferometry
Polarimetry, Image Processing
Dr. Rakhi Bhattacharya Assistant Professor
Weak measurememts
Dr.Tanmoy Mondal Associate Professor
Nonadiabatic quantum dynamics on
coupled electronic states, Theoretical modeling
Dr. G Saravanan Assistant Professor
Electrocatalysis and
Dr. Diksha D h a r Assistant Professor
Urban Visual Cultures
Post colonial Studies
Mrs. Diya Panjwani Assistant Professor
Various themes of Ruskin Bond's
fictional works are explored
M r s. T. R a j a n i . Assistant Professor
Reflective practice and development
of English language teachers- an analytical
Dr. Nazir Ahmad Mir Assistant Professor
English Language Teaching
Dr. Ghanta Shreeja Assistant Professor
Indian English Literature
Ecological Marxism
P . M a n j u R a n i Assistant Professor
Urban Visual Cultures
Post colonial Studies
Suppala Srinivas Assistant Professor
Communications Skills
Soft Skills.
Mrs.Nilanjana Debnath Assistant Professor
Twentieth century diasporic
Indian memoirs in English
Dr L Koteswara Rao Professor&HOD
Signal and Image Processing
Feature extraction for Computer vision
Prof.Arunava De Professor
Image processing & Soft computing techniques
Medical Image Processing
Dr.Abhishek Kumar Shrivastava Associate Professor
Opto-Electronic Material
Dr.P.Gangamohan Associate Professor
Digital Signal Processing
Speech Signal Processing
Dr . R a v i B o d a.. Associate Professor
Signal Processing and Image Processing
Medical Image analysis using ML
Dr . M . G o u t h a m Associate Professor
Filter design time domain
Synthesis of continuous time filters
Dr. M. Bhanu Chandra Associate Professor
Solar Cells, Solar Fuels, Water Splitting,
CO2 - Reduction & Capture, Fuel Cells
Dr. M P Actlin Jeeva Associate Professor
Opto-Electronic Material
Dr. S . S a n j a y..... Assistant Professor
Semiconductor Nano-Structures
2D-Materials, Device Fabrication
Dr.Sandeep Chitreddy Assistant Professor
Spatial Audio Signal Processing,
Machine Learning, VR & AR Applications
Mr . K . V . Prashanth Assistant Professor
Antenna design for
microwave & millimetric wave
Mr.Prashanth Ragam Assistant Professor
IoT applications, pathos modelling
Prediction using soft computing